Senior Pictures

Join professional photographer, Sean Stratton at his new studio in the Crossroads. This studio includes an indoor and outdoor space, lots of natural light, changing rooms, and pro studio lighting and equipment. 

One of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. If you ever need portrait, video or any graphic design, he’s your guy. He’s also a non-licensed therapist that gives great advice. This shoot was my first after a year-long hiatus but it felt good to be back in front of the camera.

Brooke Caldwell @brookeandberk

The Studio

325 Southwest Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64108

Sean is also a part owner in Lemonade Art Gallery which is located in the space. Here is a video he made that shows off the inside.


Senior Pictures

This package includes up to 4 looks. Each client will be on-site for approximately 2 hours. Once booked, Sean's assistant Kim will follow up to find a time on the schedule that works best for you. She can also answer any further questions you may have.


Physical photo prints cost extra but are not optional. If you'd like to get them printed on your own you can. If you'd like us to print them we can too. The choice is up to you.